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News and Opinion Jul 25, 2019

Turnaround for Children Cohosts Back-to-School Twitter Chat on Toxic Stress in Schools


Turnaround for Children cohosted a Twitter chat alongside The Center for Youth Wellness, Stress Health, Salud America!, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, America’s Promise Alliance and the Learning Policy Institute on how to reduce toxic stress in schools.

The chat was to prepare school leaders, teachers and parents on the best ways to foster safe and supportive environments for student learning ahead of the new school year. Topics discussed included:

  • How does trauma and/or toxic stress manifest in the classroom?
  • How can we create positive or “whole child” learning environments?
  • What can parents do to parents help?

Turnaround’s Pamela Cantor, M.D. and Congressman Tim Ryan also participated in the chat sharing their insights on the importance of creating environments where social-emotional learning and the impacts of adversity on learning are addressed.

Couldn’t join the chat? Click here to see the full conversation.