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News and Opinion Jul 23, 2020

Turnaround for Children Contributes to Aspen Institute Guidance for Governors and Mayors on School Reopening

Turnaround for Children made contributions to the development of The Aspen Institute Education and Society Program’s guidance document: “How Governors and Mayors can Support Schools So Schools can Support Students.”

The document suggests actionable ways state and local officials can ensure that schools have equitable access to resources needed to support students, families and communities as schools manage the shifting implications of the coronavirus outbreak. From the report:

Schools are shouldering unprecedented responsibility during the pandemic and Americans have never been more aware of the roles we’ve assigned to schools – not only for academic learning, but social-emotional and character development, food security, accessing social services, protecting public health, spotting possible cases of child abuse and neglect, and much more. Momentous decisions need to be taken over the coming year – starting now and continuing through the 2020-21 state legislative sessions. Schools, students, and communities do not exist in policy silos, and addressing their needs demands coordination and collaboration. State and local leaders are uniquely situated to support schools in this time, allowing educators to focus on conditions for learning and academic instruction that students urgently need.

Read the full recommendations here.