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News and Opinion Oct 30, 2020

Turnaround for Children Featured in Forbes Blog on Learner Outcomes

Image credit: Forbes/Altitude Learning

Turnaround for Children was recently featured in a Forbes article written by Tom Vander Ark. 

Human Work: Learn Stuff Computers Can’t Do,” suggests that learning goals need to adapt with the increase in automation and focus on human skills like compassion, empathy and problem solving. The article highlights the Building Blocks for Learning as a framework teachers can use to reimagine learning outcomes while integrating developmental supports so all students can thrive.

Turnaround Vice President, Applied Science Christina Theokas was quoted in the article:

As a developmental progression, the Building Blocks help teacher teams “reimagine goals for youth learning, beyond academic standards, and then realize that these skills and mindsets need the same design, attention and support, just like academic skills,” said Dr. Christina Theokas, Vice President of Applied Science at Turnaround for Children.

These Building Blocks “need to be integrated into authentic learning experiences, modeled, scaffolded with opportunities to transfer their learning to new settings,” added Theokas who helps schools integrate developmental supports into systems and practices.

Read the full article here.