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News and Opinion Sep 3, 2019

Turnaround for Children in Education Post: Here’s How Teachers Can Help All Students Thrive, Even After Trauma

Amy Nicholson, Turnaround for Children Director of Integrated Program Strategy, shared practices educators can use to personalize learning for all students, no matter their start in life, in a guest blog for Education Post. The post was a reflection on her recent presentation at the LEAP InnovatED Summit 2019.

In her blog entry, “Here’s How Teachers Can Help All Students Thrive, Even After Trauma,” Nicholson named key ways educators can create safe learning environments and build trusting relationships with students that help reverse the effects of traumatic experiences: “We know that each child has limitless potential. By creating a safe and supportive environment, and by being attuned and responsive to each student’s individual, holistic needs, educators can play a critical role in students’ healthy development and learning.”

Read the article on Education Post.