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News and Opinion Jul 14, 2022

Turnaround for Children Joins New National Partnership for Student Success As Supporting Partner

Turnaround for Children joined fellow non-profit organizations, along with school district and government leaders, as a supporting partner of the new National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS).

The NPSS is a public-private partnership committed to providing the supports to help student succeed. The NPSS brings together schools, non-profit organizations, colleges, workplaces, state agencies, and community-based champions to work together and provide students with people-powered supports based on locally determined needs, while helping organizations expand, improve and/or create high-quality, evidence-based programs to support students’ learning and thriving.

Turnaround joins fellow supporting partners to inform the design, implementation, and learning of the NPSS. Partners use their organization’s role and expertise to inform and augment existing local, state, and national resources and providers of person-powered student supports, such mentoring, tutoring, wraparound services, afterschool programs success couching and counseling, while streamlining how schools and districts connect with them to address students’ needs.