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News and Opinion May 24, 2016

Turnaround for Children featured in Psychology Today


Helping Children Succeed: Brain Science in the Classroom

An article by Claudia M. Gold, M.D. in Psychology today highlights the importance of Paul Tough’s book, Helping All Children: What Works and Why, in building an argument for the importance of environments to help students build necessary skills and mindsets. In her article, Helping Children Succeed: Brain Science in the Classroom, she pulls out a quote from Tough’s book from Turnaround for Children President and CEO Pamela Cantor, M.D.

“According to their framework, high-level “non-cognitive” skills like resilience, curiosity, and academic tenacity that are essential to success in middle and high school are impossible for a child to obtain without first developing, in the early years of formal education, executive function, a capacity for self-awareness, and relationship skills. And these elementary-school skills, in turn, stand atop an infrastructure of qualities built in the first years of life, like secure attachment, the ability to manage stress, and self-regulation.”