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News and Opinion Apr 23, 2020

Turnaround for Children Recognized by America Forward for Stepping Up During the COVID-19 Crisis


Turnaround for Children was recognized by America Forward as a coalition member working to connect students, families, educators and other stakeholders with critical tools and resources during the coronavirus pandemic.

Turnaround was noted specifically for its work addressing COVID-related trauma in children. An excerpt reads:

“As the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 crisis impact individuals, families, schools and communities, guidance on how to understand and address the resulting trauma is especially important. In a recent blog post, Dr. Pamela Cantor and Kate Felsen from Turnaround for Children share key tips for how to support children who are experiencing trauma.”

Other coalition members were recognized for their efforts addressing the COVID-19 crisis, including America’s Promise Alliance, Transcend, Springboard Collaborative and Enterprise.

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