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News and Opinion Jul 6, 2015

Read about Turnaround for Children in Forbes

FORBESChris Klundt’s Forbes article Education Alone Will Not Solve Income Inequality looks at student performance and the achievement gap. He argues that in order to close the achievement gap, we must first explore what is causing low-income students to fall behind and “remold our school systems into environments conducive to student success for all.” Klundt cites several solutions to help bridge the gap, including Turnaround for Children. Here is an excerpt:

“To best foster student success, these learning environments need to be more flexible and function as support systems for teachers. Thankfully, organizations like Cantor’s and McGuire’s are helping schools construct these foundational environments by promoting personalized learning experiences that stimulate academic growth. Turnaround’s New York City partner schools saw a 39 percent reduction in detentions, along with lower absenteeism and bad behavior.”

You can read Klundt’s full article in Forbes.