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News and Opinion Aug 10, 2020

Turnaround Highlighted in Aspen Education & Society Program School Climate Toolkit for Principals

Turnaround for Children’s work was noted by The Aspen Education & Society Program intheir toolkit, “Coming Back to Climate: How Principals Use School Climate Data to Lead Improvement.”

Developed by The Aspen Education & Society Program, school districts and partners, the toolkit offers practical guidance on how school leaders can use climate data to ensure continuous and equitable outcomes for students.

Turnaround’s The Three Rs: Relationships, Routines, Resilience was cited in the considerations to “Prioritize Safety.” From the toolkit:

One junior high school principal in TPS (Tulsa Public Schools) organizes school climate data on safety, supportive relationships with adults, and belonging. “These areas speak so clearly to how our students feel at school.” In the Aspen Education community, we recognize these as foundations for achievement. Turnaround for Children suggests focusing on Relationships, Routines, Resilience as a way to mitigate the impact of stress created by the uncertainties of the world. Their team provides accessible tools that support relationship building and personalizing experiences for students so that they feel respect, value, and care.

Access the toolkit here.