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News and Opinion Aug 22, 2022

Turnaround in The New York Times: Helping Children Grow in the Wake of Crisis


Turnaround for Children was mentioned in the article, “How We Can Help Children Grown in the Wake of Crisis,” in The New York Times.

Written by Anya Kamenetz, the article discusses the massive disruption brought about by the pandemic and the growing national emergency concerning the mental health of children and teens and asks the question of how kids can grow from these difficulties they’ve faced.

Kamenetz explains how we can foster post-traumatic growth in children, outlining five strategies adults can use. Turnaround is mentioned as a resource:

You might use stories from your life or your family’s spiritual tradition to explain how overcoming a difficulty can leave people stronger. Or, you can approach the same idea through brain science. For example, nonprofits like Turnaround for Children [help educators] to teach kids about neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to adapt and change when we take on challenges and learn new things.

Other strategies included in the article are preparing for difficult emotions, listening without judgement, helping children understand their experience and encouraging act of kindness.

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