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News and Opinion Apr 15, 2021

Turnaround Mentioned in Forbes Article on the Purpose of Schooling

Photo credit: Forbes

Turnaround for Children was mentioned in a Forbes article on the purpose of schooling.

Written by Michael Horn, the article discusses how we can build back schools better by defining their true purpose. The author offers domains that schools can look to when examining their central purpose and priorities, including content knowledge, skills, wellness, habits of success and real-world experiences. When discussing habits of success, Turnaround’s Building Blocks for Learning are pointed to as an example of this in practice:

Also called character skills, social-emotional skills, and noncognitive skills… habits of success revolve around things like self-regulation, executive function skills, growth mindset, self-efficacy, agency, self-direction and more. Education psychologist Brooke Stafford-Brizard developed a framework around 16 of these habits for Turnaround for Children, which Summit Public Schools has most notably put into action in its schools. These are the sorts of habits that help turn individuals into lifelong learners capable of navigating life’s twists and turns—arguably more important than ever as the half-life of knowledge and skills continues to shrink in the digital age of the knowledge economy.

Read the full article here.