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News and Opinion Jul 15, 2020

Turnaround Presents at the ideaU Summer Institute

Photo Credit: Illinois Digital Educators Alliance

Turnaround for Children Vice President of Partner Impact, Amy Nicholson, and Chief of Staff and Vice President, Strategy and Operations, Nora Gomperts, participated in the ideaU Summit hosted by the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance.

During their presentation, Nicholson and Gomperts discussed how stress and adversity impact brain development in childhood. They shared strategies from Turnaround’s the Three Rs: Relationships, Routines and Resilience, which offers ways educators can inoculate students from the compounding stress caused by the pandemic, economic uncertainty and widespread civil unrest.

They also explained how to design learning environments, whether remote, hybrid or in person, that promote whole-child learning and development.

The three-day Summit was attended by educators form across the state of Illinois.