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News and Opinion Nov 17, 2021

Turnaround Resources in WestEd Compendium of Resources for District Leaders

Resources from Turnaround for Children were featured in “Integrating Social and Emotional Learning throughout the School System: A Compendium of Resources for District Leaders,” from WestEd’s Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety.

Authored by Angela Ward and Katie Buckley, the compendium features resources for school and district leaders seeking to implement evidence-based supports to ensure social and emotional learning is fully integrated into the educational experience of students, families, staff, and community. Included are resources centered around equity, engaging school communities, frameworks and more.

The compendium shares a number of resources from Turnaround, including resources on whole-child design and measurement from the Turnaround for Children Toolbox, as well as Design Principles for Schools, a playbook created in partnership with the Learning Policy Institute and in association with the Forum for Youth Investment.

Read the compendium here.