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News and Opinion Dec 9, 2021

Turnaround Resources Shared in Youth Mental Health Advisory from U.S. Surgeon General

Tools and resources created by Turnaround for Children were highlighted in the U.S. Surgeon General‘s 2021 Advisory, “Protecting Youth Mental Health.”

A Surgeon General’s Advisory is a public statement that calls attention to an urgent public health issue and provides recommendations for how it should be addressed. This advisory outlines recommendations for supporting the mental health of young people on societal, environmental, community, family and individual levels.

In recommending what schools, districts and educators can do to address student mental health, the Turnaround for Children Toolbox was highlighted as a helpful resource. The recommendations also included Design Principles for Schools, a playbook Turnaround created in partnership with the Learning Policy Institute and in association with the Forum for Youth Investment.

Read the full advisory here.