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News and Opinion Jun 4, 2021

Turnaround’s Approach to Tiered Supports Featured in Forbes

Photo credit: Forbes

Turnaround for Children was featured in the Forbes article, “What’s The Right High School Size And Structure?

Written by Tom Vander Ark, the article considers how, after over a year of remote and hybrid learning, we could reorganize high schools in terms of size and structure. The author covers the challenges of large high schools and champions the benefits of smaller schools in their ability to provide personalized attention and supports to students.

The article outlines four main elements of small schools that their larger counterparts can implement: an intentional culture rooted in shared values, using small units to promote strong relationships, advisory programs for performance and growth monitoring, and a system of integrated supports. Turnaround’s approach to Tiered Systems of Support was used as an example of such supports:

And fourth is a system of integrated and tiered supports (often coordinated through the advisory system). Turnaround for Children notes that “Tier 2 and 3 supports must be provided in ways that are responsive to the often complex needs of students who experience trauma and adversity.”

Read the full article here.