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News and Opinion Jul 29, 2019

Turnaround’s Joel Scott Presents At KIPP School Summit

Turnaround for Children Leadership Development Coach, Joel Scott, M.S.Ed., was a featured speaker at the KIPP School Summit in Houston, TX, an annual gathering of the entire KIPP team and community from across the country to connect, learn and share. Scott was supported at the event by Turnaround Vice President, Implementation and Professional Learning, Jinan O’Connor. The theme for the day was social justice and equity.

Scott’s session, which he delivered three times to different audiences — more than 400 KIPP educators from across the country in total — was titled “The Power You Carry: How To Become A Brain Builder To Help All Children Thrive.” Participants were provided with opportunities to gain new knowledge about how biology and context work together to drive individual development and learning; to deepen their knowledge by analyzing how aspects of a student’s context can support or hinder their development and learning; and finally to synthesize their learning with a grounding in the science of learning and development.

Participants left with concrete examples to take back to their own practice and were able to “pitch” what they learned.