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News and Opinion Apr 14, 2021

Turnaround’s Well-Being Index in UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools Report

Turnaround for Children’s Well-Being Index was noted in the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools report, “Beyond the Schoolhouse: Digging Deeper.”

This report explores the social, health and environmental factors that impact outcomes for Black students in Los Angeles County. As schools begin to reopen, the report aims to illuminate the challenges faced by Black students before the pandemic, and how COVID-19 has exasperated these issues. The report outlines concrete in and out of school policies that can be applied to improve outcomes for Black students.

One recommendation involves creating healthy, positive learning environments where Black students feel safe, and regularly assessing and responding to their social, emotional and physical needs with the help of tools like Turnaround’s Well-Being Index.

From the report:

Incorporate regular student surveys like Turnaround for Children’s well-being index and stay abreast of California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) results to determine and respond to student social, emotional, physical and psychological health.

Read the full report here.