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Educators and Leaders Come Together For Interactive Mini-Course About How Children Actually Learn

On July 8 and 11, Turnaround for Children and Teach For All’s Global Learning Lab brought together over 50 educators, learning scientists, and systems leaders from 33 countries for a unique virtual learning experience. The six-hour interactive mini-course, “Do you know how children actually learn? Lessons to apply today from the science of learning and great teaching around the world,” was hosted by Pamela Cantor M.D., Founder and Senior Science Advisor of Turnaround for Children and Steven Farr, Co-Lead of the Teach For All Global Learning Lab.

Visit the course website.

Day One focused on key lessons from the science of learning and transformational classrooms around the globe. Participants then got homework. Independently, they explored curated pairs of videos which offered provocative scientific evidence and illustrations of key learnings from students, teachers and community members. Then they wrote reflections on the connections they observed among the videos before coming back together on Day Two to share insights gained, participate in small group sessions, and commit to action on behalf of the students and communities they work with.

Reflecting on the experience, one participant said, “It was very powerful to co-construct ideas, write them down, and then be able to browse what other people had written,” while another noted that they were “really propelled to action.”

For more details, check out the course website and the video above.

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