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Global Science of Learning Education Network Panel with Pamela Cantor M.D.

Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor Pamela Cantor, M.D. takes part in the panel discussion, “Using Science of Learning as a Disrupter of Structural Inequity across the World’s Education Systems,” hosted by the Global Science of Learning Education Network.

Cantor is joined by teacher educator and author, Zaretta Hammond, American Institutes for Research Vice President and Institute Fellow, David Osher, University of Limpopo‘s Themane Mahlapahlapana, and education consultant and Chief Research Officer at Michael Fullan Enterprises, Santiago Rincon-Gallardo. The panel explores how the science of learning and development can be put into practices that disrupt structural inequity across the world’s education systems to help all students thrive, no matter where in the world they live and learn.

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