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Our Services

Turnaround for Children translates the science of learning and development into tools, practices and services for educators to help all students thrive, particularly children who have been impacted by adversity. Turnaround offers an integrated suite of services that address the needs of a diverse set of educators, including system and district leaders, school leaders, teachers and youth development providers.

Professional Learning and Training

  • Professional Learning Series: School Leaders & District and Network Leaders: Turnaround’s Professional Learning Series — offered as two products: one for school leaders and one for district and network leaders — is a two-year program designed to accelerate healthy development and academic achievement for all students – especially those who have experienced significant adversity. The goal is to build leadership capacity by focusing on the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform schools into contexts where all children can thrive. The series is grounded in a whole-child vision, informed by the science of learning and development, connected to Turnaround’s framework for transformational change and designed to empower school leaders to implement sustainable change.
  • Science of Learning and Development 101: Turnaround shares insights from the science of learning and development with diverse audiences educators, mental health professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, and others through presentations and workshops across the country, building knowledge about how students develop and learn, and offering educators tools and strategies to help all children thrive, no matter their start in life or how much adversity they face.

Leadership Consulting

  • Consulting for Systems Leaders: Turnaround guides systems-level leaders in understanding policy and resource choices that support whole-child development and the creation of or revision of systemwide initiatives, accountability structures and resource allocations. Through a customizable service delivery model, Turnaround provides targeted support for districts, states and school systems to establish and improve key systems and frameworks, including Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports and proactive disciplinary policies.
  • Modified School Partnerships: Measurement and Consultation: Turnaround’s Measurement and Consultation-focused partnership is offered in conjunction with the Professional Learning Series and designed to accelerate change at the school level while building the capacity of principal managers to support school leadership teams in using Turnaround’s tools to implement a whole-child vision. Included are two SEAT administrations, data review and coaching, quarterly consultation with school leadership teams and support accessing the Turnaround for Children Toolbox.


  • School Partnerships: Turnaround supports school leadership teams to develop a set of systems, structures and practices that promote a supportive environment, developmental relationships and integrated skill and mindset development for all students, in alignment with a whole-child vision. School partnerships are aimed at achieving transformational school change through strong school leadership, shared ownership and responsibility of all school community members.
  • Platform Organization Partnerships: Turnaround supports platform organizations, including coalitions, nonprofit organizations, technology platforms, learning communities and more.

Thought Leadership 

  • Turnaround builds awareness about the impact of adversity on learning and connects educators to tools and practices that can mitigate these challenges to ensure healthy student development and academic achievement for all children. Through conferences, convenings, panel presentations, news articles, webinars and workshops around the country, Turnaround shares insights and knowledge with educators, mental health professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, thought leaders and researchers.