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Whole-Child Design Academy

The Whole-Child Design Academy is a self-directed learning experience for teams of educators to apply the principles of whole-child design to their unique contexts.


Taught on the Canvas platform, the Whole-Child Design Academy (WCDA) is comprised of courses that are alight to Turnaround’s Whole-Child Design Blueprint and includes both as asynchronous, self-paced learning modules and scaffolding for teachers to develop their own professional learning communities. Participants are encouraged to collaboratively apply the principles of whole-child design to their unique contexts.


The WCDA has been designed based on four pillars:

  1. Driven by the science of learning and development
  2. Grounded in design thinking and improvement science problem-solving approaches
  3. Designed to be used by a professional learning community
  4. Attuned to adult learning principles

Each WCDA course incorporates these four pillars. Courses are designed to prompt practice change in each of the nine core practices that comprise the
central components of Turnaround’s Whole-Child Design Blueprint and move educators along continuums aligned to each core practice.

Courses are broken into modules that offer asynchronous input (readings, videos, recorded presentations), and activities (assignments, quizzes, discussions, reflections), and culminate with a synchronous team meeting with an offered agenda
at which team members leverage asynchronous learning to plan to implement a strategy or tool or reflect on recent implementation and lessons learned.

The introductory course of the WCDA orients participants to the foundations of Whole-Child Design, using the classroom level Whole-Child Design Inventory to determine which course to engage in next, acknowledging that due to the integrated nature of the Whole-Child Design Blueprint and the core practices, teams will eventually get through all of them, on their own contextualized path.

Implementation schedule varies depending on structures set by clients.


The WCDA is best for teams of teachers within a school or district.

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