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Whole-Child Design Series

Explore the key scientific principles and core practices of whole-child design in this workshop series.


This series consists of highly interactive virtual sessions about the science of
learning and development and whole-child design. With colleagues, you will explore new information, strategies, and tools, and apply what you learn to your role and context. By the end, you’ll come away with concrete ideas about how to build positive learning envinroments for your students to thrive.


Four 90-minute workshops cover the science of leanring and development, developmental relationships, supportive environments, and integrated knowledge, skill, and mindset development. Also included are two hours of free consulting per team.


The series is designed for district and school staff, including principals, teachers, student support staff, expanded learning providers, coaches, department directors and more. Participants are encouraged to join in school or district teams in order to share learning and plans for implementation.

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