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Blog Dec 30, 2019

Year In Review: Five Stories Not To Miss

From practice shift changes grounded in the science of learning and development to inspiring conversations with educators and field leaders striving to create optimal conditions for learning in and out of school, we look back at some of Turnaround’s top stories of 2019.

Edutopia | How Learning Happens: The Power of Relationships in Schools: In the most watched video from Edutopia’s “How Learning Happens” series produced in collaboration with Turnaround for Children, Pamela Cantor M.D. and Linda Darling-Hammond of the Learning Policy Institute, explain how relationships are at the center of learning.

February Person of the Month: Maisha Riddlesprigger: Maisha Riddlesprigger, Principal of Turnaround partner school Ketcham Elementary School and current 2019 District of Columbia Public Schools “Principal of the Year” discusses how she builds relationships with students and their families and her commitment to quality education for students of color.

How to Build an Effective System for Responding to Behavioral Infractions: Turnaround Partnership Director, Dawn Foreman explains why having a consistent and effective system for responding to behavior challenges can help schools become trauma-informed and reduce the stress response that negatively impacts students.

Rethinking The Back to School Checklist: Getting Your Child Ready Socially, Emotionally And Cognitively: Turnaround Director of Mental Health Integration, Renee Prince, LCSW, offers a social-emotional checklist grounded in the science of learning and development for getting a student ready to head back to school after the holidays.

The 180 Podcast: Karen Pittman: Karen Pittman of the Forum for Youth Investment chats with Turnaround’s The 180 Podcast about how learning and development can happen in all the settings where children grow and learn, if the  environments are designed — and adults are prepared — to optimize development and learning.

What were some of your favorite stories from Turnaround this year? Let us know by tweeting @Turnaround #The180Blog.