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Blog Oct 4, 2021

Announcing New Tools in the Turnaround for Children Toolbox

Looking for whole-child resources as you start the new school year?

Turnaround has launched some brand new tools on the Toolbox for teachers, student support staff, and school leaders to create strong relationships, build supportive environments, and develop students’ holistic knowledge, skills and mindsets. Anyone with a free Toolbox account can download new resources for:

1. Measurement

NEW TOOL: Online, Automated Version of the Well-Being Index

The Well-Being Index is designed to help educators collect holistic student data – physical, social, psychological and emotional well-being – systematically, directly, quickly and in real time. Version for elementary and secondary school are now available online. responses can be automatically sent to an accompanying Google Sheet, so that you see summarized reports across time.

2. Family, Caregiver, and Community Partnerships

These tools guide an inclusive, multi-stakeholder review of firsthand experiences of the school environment, in order to better understand how to make a more welcoming and accessible school environment for all.

3. Culturally Affirming and Sustaining Practices

NEW TOOL: Cultural Curriculum Audit

This audit is an exercise in thinking more deeply about how curriculum design, materials and assessments are culturally affirming and sustaining for students, through reviewing “look-fors” and “red flags” around four key questions.

NEW TOOL: Deeper than Icebreakers: Activities to Know Your Students

These three activities (Community Walk, Shadow-A-Student Day, and Student Spotlight) are designed for educators who are doing the active work to more deeply understand the identities, cultures, and experiences of their students, from a place of openness, respect, and empathy.

4. Intervention and Enrichment Structures

NEW TOOL: Building Community-Rich Webs of Supports

Partner with community-based organizations to support intervention and enrichment structures by providing holistic, positive and engaging experiences that support each student’s learning, well-being and interests.

NEW TOOL: Spiraling Up! Framing Conversations About Students

This tool provides a set of characteristics for analyzing conversations about students’ behavior, learning, development and needs. It supports upward spiral conversations, which contribute positively to beliefs about and interactions with students.
Looking ahead, we will be launching even more resources on the Toolbox in the upcoming months, including: