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Whole-Child Supports for California Districts

In partnership with the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, Turnaround for Children is supporting school districts across California in understanding and implementing Whole-Child Design grounded in principles of science and equity. See “Overview of Services” below for a description of the specific supports.

Resources from Current Series

Whole-Child Design Series 21-22 – Cohort 1

Dates – Please plan to attend all four sessions: 

  1. Wednesday, October 6 from 10 am to 12 pm – Science of Learning and Development
  2. Wednesday, October 13 from 10 am to 12 pm – Developmental Relationships
  3. Wednesday, October 27 from 10 am to 12 pm – Supportive Environments
  4. Wednesday, November 3 from 10 am to 12 pm – Knowledge, Skill and Mindset Building

Series and Session Descriptions 

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Session Materials and Tools

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Coming Soon – Registration for WCD Series 21-22 – Cohort 2 and application for Whole Child Leadership Network -Cohort 1

Resources from Past Series

Whole-Child Design Series 20-21 – Summer Learning

Dates: June 8 and 10, 2021

Session Materials and Tools

Helpful Turnaround Resources


180 Podcast

Presentation by Pamela Cantor M.D.

Overview of Turnaround/CCEE Services

The Whole-Child Design Series

This series of four workshops describes the science of learning and development and its application to school district strategies, structures and practices. Through four highly interactive virtual sessions, the series guides participants in exploring the core practices within the Whole-Child Design Blueprint’s three components: Developmental Relationships; Supportive Environments; and Knowledge, Skill and Mindset Building. Participants are invited to apply the science principles and core practice to their districts’ context and to interrogate the connection between the science, the practice and the equitable learning environments they strive to deliver. 

The Whole-Child Leadership Network

In the Whole-Child Leadership Network, district and school leaders use their knowledge of whole-child design to address problems of practice through cycles of continuous improvement. Participants collaborate to anchor in a shared vision for student and school success, define problems of practice grounded in their communities’ needs and input, learn from one another, and apply their learning to move their system or school closer to true whole-child education and integrated developmental practice. Blended throughout the sessions is an intentional focus on the strong Shared Leadership and Ownership practices that promote equity and fuel any continuous improvement effort. The Whole-Child Design Series is a prerequisite for districts interested in the Whole-Child Leadership Network


Turnaround staff are available for up to two free hours of support to district teams in the Whole-Child Design Series. These hours can be used to help districts apply what they are learning in the series to their district context, including how to integrate Whole-Child approaches into new or existing district initiatives. 


For information, contact Katie Brackenridge,