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News and Opinion Aug 24, 2020

Christina Theokas Interviewed by Collaborative for Student Success


Turnaround for Children Vice President of Applied Science Christina Theokas, was interviewed by the Collaborative for Student Success for their COVID Slide Quick Sheet.

In the interview, Theokas discusses why teachers should prioritize students’ social-emotional and academic skills as schools resume this fall following widespread school closures and economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The most important thing that educators can do right now, at this time of cautious reopening, is prioritize a new set of Three Rs: Relationships, Routines and Resilience. It will be hard to build critical skills and mindsets and have students engage in the kind of work that we want unless we attend to the non-negotiable conditions that support healthy whole child development. These New Three Rs are distilled from Turnaround’s Vision for School and Student Success and highlight what to focus on during the reopening period. This will help build a foundation for student’s cognitive, academic, social and emotional learning.

The COVID Slide Quick Sheet is “a bi-weekly newsletter by the Collaborative for Student Success that collects and shares developing news stories about the impact of the pandemic on education, reopening schools, and addressing learning loss.”