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News and Opinion Jan 25, 2022

Turnaround for Children in EdSurge Article on School Schedules

Image credit: EdSurge

Turnaround for Children was mentioned in the EdSurge article, “Don’t Return to Your School’s Pre-Pandemic Schedule. Improve It Through Brain Science.”

Written by Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher, the authors explore how many schools and districts have adapted their schedules to be more “brain-friendly” by aligning them with research and practices from the science of learning and development. These practices include later start times, longer and fewer class periods, and building relationships between teachers and students.

The article mentions Turnaround as a source of research and resources dedicated to supporting student well-being and mental health. The article champions the efforts made by schools to support students in this way, but argue that more work must be done to design learning settings that align with the research on learning and development.

From the article:

A lot of great talk was given to making sure we care for student’s wellbeing and mental health, and organizations such as Turnaround for ChildrenChallenge Success and CANDLE at USC have been providing resources and research for teachers and school leaders to do just that. But with learning gaps continuing to widen, the response from many schools has been to pack the day with more academic time and homework, reduce time dedicated to building relationships and play, and cutting back on arts programs.

Read the full article here.