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News and Opinion Feb 7, 2021

Turnaround for Children in Getting Smart Post by Brooklyn LAB Founders

Photo credit: Getting Smart

Turnaround for Children was mentioned in “The Best Super Bowl Sunday Ad Champions Equity in Education,” by Getting Smart.

Written by Eric Tucker & Erin Mote, founders of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB), the article discusses a Super Bowl ad starring NFL player Kevin Beachum as he speaks about equity in education. Beachum poses the question, “What does it take to prepare everyone for the road ahead?” The article attempts to answer this question by outlining key areas of investment needed to build an equitable education system.

Whole-child learning was one of the key areas listed. Turnaround and  Brooklyn LAB’s Success Coaching Playbook was mentioned as a framework for providing student support that is grounded in whole-child design.

Read the full article here.