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News and Opinion Oct 6, 2021

Turnaround for Children in New Report from Aurora Institute

The work of Turnaround for Children is cited in the report, “Habits of Success: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for Learning, Work, and Life,” published by the Aurora Institute.

The report offers guidance for districts and schools by synthesizing the latest research and knowledge on emerging practices for developing local habits of success frameworks, addressing equity and cultural considerations in implementing habits of success and lifelong learning skills, and promoting and assessing habits of success. The report also provides recommendations and next steps to support all students in building strong habits of success.

In the report, Turnaround’s Building Blocks for Learning framework is featured as an example of a local framework. The Whole-Child Design Inventory and Whole-Child Design Blueprint are highlighted as tools for educators to reflect upon their current practice and identify next levels of implementation.

From the report:

“The third tool is the Whole-Child Design Inventory (WCDI) by Turnaround for Children. It is designed to reflect on how aligned a school is to whole-child design principles and practices. It includes a “knowledge, skill, and mindset-building” scale and includes items such as:

  • Skills, habits, and mindsets that support learning are intentionally included in instruction.
  • Students set goals for their own learning.
  • Staff help students describe their thinking in order to make thinking visible.
  • Modeling of essential skills and mindsets is done by faculty.

A related resource from Turnaround for Children is the Whole-Child Design Blueprint, which offers a set of “knowledge, skill, and mindset development” tools and principles.”

Read the full report here.