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News and Opinion Jan 25, 2022

Turnaround Presents on Tiered Systems of Support to Members of CCSSO

Turnaround for Children Director of Mental Health Integration, Renee Prince, LCSW, and Associate Director of Content Design, Becky Myers, gave a presentation on Turnaround’s whole-child approach to tiered systems of support for members of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

As part of CCSSO’s ongoing web series on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, the webinar, entitled “Data-based Continuous Improvement,” explored the critical role data-based decision making plays in ensuring student support is designed with students’ holistic needs in mind, including academic and social and emotional development. Turnaround shared tools and resources for implementing a tiered system of supports, as well as the connections to the Whole-Child Design Blueprint.

Also on the webinar, Heather Hirsch, Supervisor of the School Climate Center at the Minnesota Department of Education, shared strategies for using school climate data for improvement and developing crisis response plans.

Watch a full recording of the webisode here.