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News and Opinion Sep 7, 2022

Turnaround’s Well-Being Index Highlighted by Caryl M. Stern in The 74

Image credit: The 74

Turnaround for Children’s Well-Being Index was highlighted in the op-ed “A Slow-Motion Crisis: Gen Z’s Battle Against Depression, Addiction, Hopelessness,” authored by Walton Family Foudnation’s Caryl M. Stern in The 74.

Highlighting communities and organizations that are finding ways to foster mental and social well-being outside the classroom, Turnaround is mentioned:

The educators and researchers at Turnaround for Children, meanwhile, have created a well-being index tool to hear directly, quickly and frequently from students about how they are feeling and functioning. Educators collect information from students about their physical, social, psychological and emotional well-being, then use it to support individual kids and identify mental health trends and across classes and schools.

The article was also republished by Yahoo News. Read the full article here.