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Turnaround for Children Toolbox Webinar: Ideas and Resources for a More Equitable, Whole-Child Design

Turnaround for Children recently hosted the webinar, “Turnaround for Children Toolbox: Ideas and Resources for a More Equitable, Whole-Child Design,” exploring the newly developed Toolbox.

Free to use, the Toolbox is an online hub full of science-backed resources that empower educators to drive change towards a more equitable, whole-child approach to school. The webinar includes a guided tour of the Toolbox, explores featured tools and resources, and answers questions on how to begin using whole-child design to create holistic, equitable learning experiences for all students.

The webinar is hosted by Turnaround’s Partnership Director MenSa Ankh Maa, Director, Professional Learning Heidi Reed, and Director, Content Design Laura Sikes, and moderated by Turnaround’s Content Design Specialist Elizabeth Miller. The speakers offer guidance on using the Toolbox and give detailed introductions to resources relating to the core components of whole-child design.

The webinar is now available to view on-demand.

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