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News and Opinion Jan 11, 2022

Turnaround Sessions Featured in Aurora Institute Symposium 2021 Digital Content Library

Aurora Institute created a digital content library featuring session recordings from the 2021 Aurora Institute Symposium, including presentations from Turnaround for Children.

This year’s Symposium was designed to build the capacity of the field to implement equitable, whole-child, personalized, competency-based systems. Attendees had access to keynotes and more than 64 sessions highlighting breakthrough practices and policies, equipping them with new knowledge and best practices from the field. these recordings and slide decks are now available for all the view on-demand.

Speakers from Turnaround presented at 4 different sessions throughout the event:

Whole-Child Design: How To Use The Science of Learning and Development to Redesign Classrooms, Schools, and Systems and Accelerate Healthy Development, Learning, and Thriving

Turnaround for Children Vice President of Partner Impact, Gretchen Livesey, and Partnership Director, MenSa Ankh Maa‘s session introduces the Whole-Child Design Blueprint, which synthesizes research across scientific fields, enabling educators to apply principles of whole-child design to unleash student learning and development, and explores how a whole-child purpose can create a more just education system.

Keynote Plenary Session: Transforming Toward Equity-Centered, Whole-Child Personalized Learning

In the day 2 keynote, Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor Pamela Cantor M.D. and Learning Policy Institute President and CEO Linda Darling-Hammond examine how focusing on whole-child design can transform the current education system and create equitable, culturally-affirming and supportive learning environments where all students can thrive. The pair illustrate the science behind this approach with the principles of whole-child design outlined in the Design Principles for Schools playbook.

Schools Need a Success Coach for Every Learner

Pamela Cantor M.D. is joined by Brooklyn LAB‘s Bennison Ntsakey and Valentina Lopez Cortez, EL Education‘s Ron Berger, and City Year‘s Tasha Booker and Kirsten Davis for this breakout session. The group discusses the need for increased support given the financial, learning, and health challenges created by COVID-19 and ongoing racial trauma, and explores the Success Coaching Playbook and how best to build and use a team of success coaches to provide critical support for students.

Integrating Systems of Support: How To Design Equitable School Environments that Meet Students’ Individual Needs Through a Holistic Approach

Turnaround Director of Mental Health Integration, Renee Prince and Vice President of Partner Impact, Tami Hill-Washington discuss how to create an equitable school environment that honors individual context and addresses inequitable structures, policies, and practices through an integrated, tiered system of supports that is grounded in science and centers student assets.

Watch more session recordings from the symposium in the digital content library.